The entertainment world is highly unpredictable and financial situations change quickly. It is crucial for entertainers to have a strong financial plan in place. With extensive experience in the music and entertainment industries, including representing several platinum-selling, award-winning artists, V. Brown & Company has learned how to keep our clients clear of financial risk. We also have tremendous experience in tour accounting so the artist can focus on what's happening on the stage and not how things are being handled backstage.


-Tour budgeting/accounting -Structuring transactions in the most tax efficient manner
-Tour cash management -Representation before tax authorities
-Touring contracts and negotiations -Royalty accounting
-Tour financial reporting -Production accounting
-Tour tax planning and preparation -Publishing/copyright accounting
-Distribution cost analysis -Finding & referring investment managers, attorneys, or insurance brokers
-Budget cash flow planning and forecasting -Assistance and due diligence with purchase of real property and other tangible assets
-Maintaining financial and accounting files -Securing mortgages, loans, and other financing
-Bill payment and cash management -Reviewing and executing transactions
-Banking and credit reconciliation Evaluating business ventures
-Personal financial statement preparation  
-Tax planning  
-Preparation of tax returns