Our fashion clientele includes many of the industry's top models and fashion designers. V. Brown & Company is attuned to the unique challenges of faced by the top people in the fashion industry.


-Budgeting, cash flow planning and forecasting -Reconciliation of agency fee income statements
-Maintaining financial and accounting files -Finding and referring investment managers, attorneys, or insurance brokers
-Bill payment and cash management -Assistance and due diligence with purchase of real property and other tangible assets
-Banking and credit reconciliation -Securing mortgages, loans, and other financing
-Residency certificates -Reviewing and executing transactions
-Tax planning -Evaluating business ventures
-Preparation of tax returns -Coordinating with international agencies to ensure communication and accuracy in all aspects of international contracts and statements
-Structuring transactions in the most tax-efficient manner  
-Foreign and domestic resident and non-resident tax compliance  
-Representation before tax authorities  
-Negotiation of contracts