Comprehensive tax services, including tax planning and tax preparation, are key components in building a solid financial structure. Our knowledge and experience in taxation in the sports, entertainment, and fashion industries, allows us to provide solutions and strategies to reduce tax liabilities, achieve maximum tax benefits, and safety compliance obligations for our clients.



The active and demanding careers of athletes, entertainers, and fashion models often leaves little time for managing their daily finances. Since 1992, V. Brown & Co. has helped our clients and their families in planning and managing their day-to-day and long term financial and administrative needs. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can assist you with accounting, book-keeping, bank reconciliations, bill-pay services, budgeting, and cash flow planning and forecasting.



The sports, entertainment, and fashion industries require services beyond the ordinary. At V. Brown & Company, we pride ourserves on our ability to assist clients in such diverse areas as: financial planning and reporting; assisting with the purchase of property; securing mortgages and loans; reviewing and executing transactions; and providing due diligence to evaluate potential business ventures.