A professional athlete's career may be limited in duration, but during this period a significant amount of income can be earned. V. Brown & Company services have been retained by many of the top athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and FIFA. We execute and, most importantly, educate our clients about a plan to help them extend their income and set and achieve their long term financial goals.


-Budgeting, cash flow planning and forecasting -Finding and refering invesment managers, attorneys, or insurance brokers
-Routine review of spending and credit card activities. -Assistance and due diligence with purchase of real property and other tangible assets
-Maintaining financial and accounting files -Securing mortgages, laons, and other financing
-Bill payment and cash management -Reviewing and executing transactions
-Banking and credit reconciliation -Evaluating business ventures
-Tax planning  
-Preparation of tax returns  
-Structuring transactions in the most tax-efficient manner.  
-Representation before tax authorities